Who We Are & What We Do

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Combustion & Energy Systems is a leading global supplier of custom designed, proprietary and patented condensing heat recovery and energy efficiency systems to industrial and institutional clients worldwide. By improving the energy efficiency of our customer’s power plants and processes, we save our clients money on their fuel costs, reduce their carbon emissions and recover reusable water through the use of our Condex Systems. Our clients include leading multi-national companies and institutions across a wide range of sectors.

As a pioneer in the field of condensing flue gas heat recovery and the inventor of the ConDex Condensing Economizer System, CES will design, engineer, manufacture and even install your next condensing economizer system. Condensing economizers have been proven to provide the most energy recovery and efficiency gains possible in the modern power plant. By taking currently wasted heat from your exhaust gas and transferring that energy into a process stream that is currently consuming purchased energy to heat, a Condex System will reduce your fuel costs, and because you are using less fuel you will also reduce your CO2 emissions. And because the Condex System reduces the temperature of your flue gas to below the water vapour dew point, the system will also recover substantial amounts of reusable water. Whether it’s a retrofit or a new build, CES can show you how to integrate a condensing economizer system to maximize the efficiency of your plant.

At CES we pride ourselves on being process integrators, and will work with clients to find the best ways to recover currently wasted heat and put that energy back to work into their processes in order to reduce overall fuel consumption.

With offices in the United States, Canada and Europe, Combustion & Energy Systems is ready to help you start saving money, reducing emissions and improving your plant capacity right now!

For more information on the specific advantages of Condensing Flue Gas Heat Recovery, the following white paper offers a comprehensive explanation of the features and benefits available through the ConDex Condensing Economizer System. Or, call or email us today at 905-415-9400 or info@condexenergy.com