Create and Recover Water in The ConDex Condensing
Economizer System

Did you know that the exhaust gas from natural gas fired equipment typically contains approximately 11% water vapor? Well, it does, and here’s why: In the process of combustion of natural gas the hydrogen in the fuel combines with the oxygen in the combustion air to form water. This water that is created is almost instantly vaporized by the heat or combustion and is lost up the exhaust stack. This process is called “the latent heat loss of vaporization” and it consumes approximately 18% of the fuel input energy and is completely wasted energy unless you have a Condex condensing economizer system. With a Condex you can not only recover this lost energy but also the water that is created as well.

By transferring this latent energy back into a cold fluid or air stream, the flue gas can be cooled to a temperature below the water vapor dew point and the latent heat will be released and transferred to the water. This also converts the water vapor back into liquid form and it is collected and drained out of the bottom of the outlet plenum in the Condex System. Depending on the size of the Condex system this water flow can range anywhere from 1 – 50 gallons per minute.

As depicted in the following video taken from an operating Condex System, the flow is steady and generally within 10 degrees of the cooled outlet flue gas temperature.

The recovered water can be used as boiler make up water, cooling tower make up water, or plant wash water. Every gallon that is recovered is a gallon that is not purchased and is not taken from our environment. In addition to the beneficial recovery of water created in the combustion process, the condensed water vapor also absorbs a small amount of CO2, which reduces the carbon footprint of your facility. This is in addition to the substantial reduction in CO2 emissions realized through the fuel efficiency gain when the Condex System is installed.

Every Condex Condensing Economizer System is custom designed to maximize the energy recovery and optimization of your input fuel energy. By recovering this energy and putting it into beneficial use, the Condex System will create substantial fuel dollar savings, reduce your CO2 emissions, and give you access to a created water stream which reduces your reliance on locally supplied water.

All you need to do to get started is to call or email us and ask for your free data gathering package and we can get started on a system design for you right away!