Rectangular In-Stack Condensing System

This innovative and patented system is designed for maximizing heat recovery applications on small to mid-size boilers, or other fired equipment.

With designing the most efficient use of space and energy recovery in mind, the engineers at Combustion & Energy Systems withdrew from all previous conventional designs to arrive at a unit that is proving to be the most effective heat recovery system in its size class on the market! It is common in today’s marketplace to find that maximizing energy efficiency is one of the primary concerns of businesses today. This goal has now been made more affordable with the In-Stack Condex Condensing Economizer.

Rectangular In-Stack Condensing Economizer Unit
U.S Patent #8,006,651

Similar to the Cylindrical Condex, the box unit keeps the heat exchanger bundles separate from the pathway of the exhaust gas. By doing so, the Condex unit can maximize energy recovery while ensuring that the condensate water does not drain back down the stack and damage the boiler or other upstream equipment.

The unique “reverse-flow” flue gas pattern allows for more heat to be transferred from the exhaust gas into the water by increasing the latent heat recovery transfer zone of the exchanger. This increases the energy savings and payback of the equipment, more than any other economizer on the market. The other unique feature to this design is the coil itself. The coil bundles are located in “banks” on either side of the stack core, which allows for ease of inspection and service. Another key feature to this design is that with the internal damper directing the flue gas, the exhaust can be by-passed directly up the stack so there are minimal downtime requirements while inspecting the units.

Maximum energy recovery, extremely cost-effective and ease of installation are making this a very popular economizer unit. Call or email one of our offices today to receive additional information on this system or to receive a quotation. You will not be disappointed!



Energy Recovered from Current ConDex System Installations

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Millions of Btus Recovered

Tons of CO2 Not Emitted to the Atmosphere

Tons of NOx Not Emitted to the Atmosphere