Heat Recovery Perfected

Better performance, Better savings, Better environment. That's a ConDex System.

Introducing The ConDex Energy Recovery System, the breakthrough technology from Combustion and Energy Systems that perfects the recovery of heat from exhaust gases. Flue gases from boilers, turbines, ovens, dryers, etc. - single or multiple sources of waste heat, the ConDex System recovers tremendous amounts of waste energy and returns it directly to your operation. In fact, the ConDex Condensing Heat Recovery System is so effective that the payback period can be as short as six months - and the savings are guaranteed.

What is the difference? The ConDex System utilized specialized metallurgy, and proprietary design engineering to significantly enhance the heat transfer process in a wide variety of applications. TheConDex System is also dramatically smaller and far more efficient than competing designs. As a result, the ConDex System costs far less to operate and maintain. Yet is has no impact on the exhaust source and operates in conjunction with your existing operation. Better still, in addition to the significant financial benefit, the ConDex System also reduces associated harmful emissions such as NOx, SOx, and CO2 greenhouse gasses from your operation.

Boilers (150 HP - 500,000 PPH +), turbines, ovens dryers, engines, etc., for most any waste heat exhaust requiring recovery, there is a ConDex Energy Recovery Solution!

Heat Recovery



Energy Recovered from Current ConDex System Installations

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Millions of Btus Recovered

Tons of CO2 Not Emitted to the Atmosphere

Tons of NOx Not Emitted to the Atmosphere