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The cylindrical ConDex can recover heat from exhaust gas at temperatures in excess of 1000F and cool the exhaust to well below its dew point. During the combustion process of natural gas, hydrogen and oxygen are combined chemically to form water, which is instantly vaporized by the heat of combustion. The consumption of energy required to initiate this phase change is called the latent heat of vaporization loss. This process absorbs 19% of the total heat energy released by the fuel, and it is typically lost right out the exhaust stack. Only by recovering heat from the exhaust gas to the point that it is cooled below its dew point can you recover this large amount of energy. The Cylindrical ConDex system achieves this task

Traditional economizers are designed to avoid the dew point for fear of corrosion of the economizer materials. The Cylindrical ConDex is designed with specialized metallurgy that not only maximizes heat transfer but has been laboratory and field proven to withstand the corrosive environment created when energy recovery is maximized.

Traditional economizer designs have often been modified in an attempt to reclaim the latent heat and become condensing economizers but often with limited success and in many cases the designs are inadequate to protect the boilers from condensate water infiltration. The patented “Reverse Flow” design of the ConDex system allows not only maximum energy recovery but also keeps the condensed water vapor completely separate from the process equipment heat source.

A cylindrical ConDex economizer will off-set fuel costs by utilizing recovered energy to replace purchased fuel consumption. The goal is to recover the maximum amount of usable heat possible from your exhaust gas – you paid for that energy, you might as well use it!

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