Cost Savings

Turning latent heat into dollar savings

Energy Savings

When natural gas is burned, 10% of the energy is lost because the hydrogen in the fuel combines with the oxygen in the combustion air to form water vapor. When this water vapor is condensed, the latent heat, recovered at 980 Btu per pound (544.88Kcal/kg), will save one cubic foot (.28 cubic metres) of natural gas.

Given that 12% by weight of exhaust gas (at 15% excess air) is water, significant energy savings can be achieved through the recovery and use of latent heat. Moreover , every cubic foot of gas saved eliminates one cubic foot of carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted to the atmosphere.

Savings by Model Number for Cylindrical and Rectangular In-Stack Condex Systems

Model Number Outer Diameter Height (Inches) Weight (lb Wet) Energy Saved BTU/HR $ Savings (Per Year) C02 Greenhouse Reduction (Tons/Year)
100 42 100 2,500 580,000 $60,800.00 358
200 49 110 3,350 963,326 $100,978.00 595
300 57 110 4,280 1,357,942 $142,338.00 839
400 63 120 5,700 1,740,951 $182,485.00 1,076
500 70 114 6,200 2,135,560 $223,850.00 1,320
600 76 115 7,100 2,506,970 $262,775.00 1,550

  1. Energy saved, savings per year and C02 green house gas reduction are calculated at peak design conditions.
  2. Savings per year calculation is based on $10.00 per MCF gas cost, 8700 hours operation and 83% boiler efficiency
  3. Typical water flows are used based on 100% boiler make up.
  4. Flue gas temperature is assumed at 300 F.

Energy can be recovered from any type hot exhaust and transferred to any type of process fluid; source exhaust does not have to be from a boiler.

Each and every ConDex unit is designed for your specific application and maximizing energy recovery and payback. Your savings are fully backed and guaranteed. Our history and experience and market reputation show you will not be disappointed. Do not settle for an “off-the-shelf” or web site designed system where your energy recovery rates and savings will not be maximized