Value Proposition: To offer customers cost effective, complete energy management services, founded on a systematic approach and strong engineering principles.


Complete Energy Consulting Services

1. Holistic plant energy analysis

     Energy breakdown
     Understanding of key process drivers
     Regression analysis

2. Development of an energy reduction strategy

     Energy road mapping
     Energy policies and procedures

3. Energy management solutions

     Metering solutions and guidance
     Development of energy intensity indicators (EII’s)
     Continuous energy improvement support and reporting


1. Holistic plant energy analysis

Energy Breakdown: Evaluation of how and where energy is used within the facility and process.

Holistic plant energy analysis

Understand how efficiently energy is used in the process, how much opportunity for savings exist.
Generate realistic energy targets based on understanding the process.

Holistic plant energy analysis

Understanding of key energy drivers. Energy consumpiton and energy drivers.

Holistic plant energy analysis

Identify energy savings opportunities:

 Driven from understanding where energy is used, how its used and what drives it
 Develop concepts based on understanding your process
 Engage required business partners for accurate cost estimations
 Research and engage utilities for incentives
 Develop preliminary business cases to compare economics, risk, complexity of ideas and clear next steps

2. Development of energy reduction strategy

 Create an energy roadmap to help you achieve your energy reduction targets
 Clear and effective strategy to communicate to all levels of an organization
 “Live” document to help focus resources
 Support in the development of additional policies or procedures, energy teams
 Facilitation of energy champion and strategy meetings

Energy Roadmap

Sample Energy Management Plan

3. Energy Management Solutions

 Development of energy intensity indicators to benchmark your facility and drive continuous improvement in energy efficiency
   • GJ/ton, kWh/1000 pieces

 Energy metering solutions and guidance
   • What and where to meter
   • Meaningful data output

 Plant modelling to identify when the facility drifts outside “typical” operating range
   • Troubleshoot immediately, not when you receive the bill and its too late

Actual vs. Predicted Usage from Regression Modelling Predicted usage from regression model Identify when energy usage drifts beyond predicted to help identify plant problems – failed steam traps, equipment left on, etc..

Combustion and Energy Advisors

 Complete energy consulting services
 Holistic energy analysis
 Systematically identify waste in your process
 Identify energy saving solutions based on understanding the process

 Develop an energy roadmap
 Energy management solutions
   • Metering solutions
   • Energy KPI’s