ConDex Condensing Economizer System

Currently 15 - 20 % of all fuel input energy is not utilized and lost as waste heat. Waste heat recovery represents one of the largest sources of green energy available for harvest. The ConDex Condensing Economizer System is designed to maximize recovery of both sensible and latent heat from exhaust gases.

The standard combustion process of most fuels combines hydrogen in the fuel and the oxygen in the combustion air chemically to form water. This water that is created is instantly vaporized by the heat of combustion. The vaporization process of the water consumes energy and absorbs approximately 17% of the total heat energy created by the fuel and it is normally lost to the atmosphere with the boiler exhaust gases. The Condex Condensing Economizer System is designed to allow you to recover this lost energy. The Condex System will heat a cold input process water stream that is currently consuming live energy (steam, hot water, electricity, etc.) to heat, and transfer this currently wasted energy from the exhaust gas to back into your process. The Condex System transfers enough energy to cool the flue gas below the water vapor dew point, recovering the latent heat and creating viable water source.

When this water vapor is condensed, the latent heat, recovered at 980 Btu per pound (544.88Kcal/kg), will typically save one cubic foot (.28 cubic meters) of natural gas.

Given that 12% by weight of exhaust gas (at 15% excess air) is water, significant energy savings can be achieved through the recovery and use of latent heat. Moreover, every cubic foot of gas saved eliminates one cubic foot of carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted to the atmosphere.

Traditional heat recovery systems, or economizers, are not designed to cool the exhaust gas below the water vapor dew point as they would quickly corrode and infiltrate condensed water back into the exhaust gas breaching. As a stand-alone system the Condex system is designed to keep these processes separate and utilizes advanced metallurgy to ensure a long lifespan. In addition to substantial energy savings, the Condex System will also recover water that would otherwise be lost to atmosphere and can be reused back into existing water requirements.

The Condex system heat recovery performance is guaranteed and we also guarantee our exchangers against the corrosive effects of flue gas condensation. Contact us today at to get our no-cost quotation process started!



Energy Recovered from Current ConDex System Installations

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Millions of Btus Recovered

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