Competitive Advantages

The ConDex System offers many competitive advantages over direct contact "spray tower / scrubber" types of condensing heat recovery systems, such as:


The ConDex Systems can produce much higher recovered temperature returns on heated fluids, thus recovering much more energy. Because the temperature rise of the liquid being heated in the ConDex system is not limited by the dew point of the exhaust gas, the ConDex System is much more effective than competing designs. Typically, a gas-fired boiler will have an exhaust gas dew point of 135°F, thus limiting the recovery temperature for heated water from a direct contact style system to 130 - 145°F. Compare this to the ConDex system's ability to heat the same volume of water to 200°F +, and it is easily seen how the ConDex System can recover much more energy.


Unlike the direct contact spray tower systems, the ConDex unit does not contaminate the process water with the products of combustion. In the ConDex system only the condensed water on the outside of the tubes (typically 2 - 20 GPM of water) absorbs contaminants through contact with the flue gas. This eliminates the requirement for the use of secondary plate & frame heat exchangers, thereby eliminating the loss in heat and efficiency associated with the direct contact style systems. The costly chemical treatment systems associated with direct contact spray towers are also not required with the ConDex System either - another big savings!


Due to the unique ability of the ConDex System to provide everything from low-grade to high-grade heat, it can also provide tremendous savings by using recovered energy from flue gases for absorption chillers in refrigeration or air conditioning applications!

Please refer to our Case Histories to see real-life examples of the exceptional capabilites of the ConDex Energy Recovery & Pollution Control System.