About The ConDex Systems

By heating cold process liquids with hot exhaust gases, the ConDex system recovers both sensible and latent heat energy.

When incoming cold fluid enters the ConDex exchanger and the hot exhaust gases pass through the proprietary ConDex exhanger unit, so much energy is exchanged that the gases are cooled beyond the point where the water vapor condenses out of the exhaust gas, releasing and recovering the heat it took to vaporize the water initially.

ConDex is not only more effective than competing systems, it also costs less to operate and maintain. By recovering such significant amounts of heat from an exhaust gas that it is cooled below its dew point, a dramatic increase in fuel savings is achieved.

ConDex maximizes water condensation and the resulting recovery of latent heat. This key advantage is achieved in two ways: special metallurgy with high heat transfer capabilities and the addition of fins to dramatically increase the heat transfer surface area.


Energy Recovered from Current ConDex System Installations

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Millions of Btus Recovered

Tons of CO2 Not Emitted to the Atmosphere

Tons of NOx Not Emitted to the Atmosphere